The Stable Senior

Everybody falls. At some point, regardless of age, everybody will take a spill. When it happens to children, and young adults usually there are only minor consequences. However, when it happens to an elderly person, the consequences can be much greater.

Trunk Walking

What does Trunk Walking mean? Does it mean going for a walk and dragging your pet elephant around by the trunk? Although that might be a really good resistance training work out, think of the size of the poop bag you’d have to carry.

Functional Abdominal Muscles Exercises

  1. Stride stance (one foot forward)holding a stick, rugby ball, medicine ball, dumbbells, etc.

Functionally Fit Abs

So you want to get nice abs, strong abs, the six-pack abs? Most often when talking about abdominal exercises crunches, sit-ups, stability ball exercises, planks, and a variety of exercises on the floor are what come to mind.

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